D.L. JOHNSON CONSULTING AGENCY has created events for our clients that generate an awareness about their organizations, products, mission and goals.  We have also created two signature events for our company that embody the mission and goals of D.L. Johnson Consulting Agency to empower African Americans and women around the world. Our Global Black History Honors event held during Black History Month in Atlanta, Georgia and our Women's Empowerment Sunday Brunch held during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. are the signature events that allow D.L. Johnson Consulting Agency to grow from the Southern United States to rest of the globe.


Created by the CEO Ms. Davisha L. Johnson this inaugural event was created as a celebration of Black people from around the world that have worked to improve and empower their communities.  In the United States, Black people are stereotyped and used for our economic and political power but not recognized for our innovation, survival, ingenuity or resilience.  Black people abroad are stereotyped and used for their natural resources and labor but not recognized for their innovation, survival, ingenuity or resilience.  WE have more things in common but have been systematically separated for generations from our brothers and sisters. Therefore, the Global Black History Honors was created to celebrate OUR economic power, political power, innovation, survival, ingenuity, resilience, natural resources and labor during the most celebrated month for Black History in the United States which is February during Black History Month.

Please visit globalblackhistoryhonors.com for more information and purchase your tickets below!


D.L. JOHNSON CONSULTING AGENCY created the Women's Empowerment Sunday Brunch held during the Black Caucus Conference in Washington, D.C. in September every year was created in 2017 as a way to brand political candidates .  In doing so this signature event was attended by business owners, political candidates, supporters of women's issues and several key political organizations and insiders that were able to utilize this gathering as a way to Empower other women to run for office or just to pursue their dreams and know that there is a group of women that will support them in their endeavors.  In 2018 the event was attended by the former gubernatorial candidate for Maryland as well as former State Delegate for Maryland Angela Angel and a Nigerian fashion designer and others.


The 3rd Annual event in 2019 is sure to be highly attended as the "Year of the Return" has created a real buzz around the globe. As our theme this year the "Year of Return" has mobilized thousands of African Americans to engage with the continent and we are joining the charge.  We will be live streaming this event this year to two African countries (Nigeria and Ghana) so that we can engage women globally and empower ourselves for the future as we #TAKEBACKAFRICA.

Join us in this momentous event this year and we will see you in Washington, D.C.


We pride ourselves in the relationships that we have been able to build over the years with our business partners and supporters.  List below are just a few of the sponsors we have had over the course of our events.  We would like to say THANK YOU for your continued support and can't wait to work with you again! 

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