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D.L. Johnson Consulting Agency has an integrated, full service political consulting component, providing general consulting and campaign management. We create and produce television and radio advertising, direct mail, websites, email broadcast campaigns and online advertising – including  banner ads, social media advertising, online radio and more.  


As general consultants, we often provide campaigns with all media requirements — TV, mail, radio, and web. We believe the best campaigns coordinate media across multiple platforms at the same time to break through the information “noise” in the modern world – so that voters and audiences pay attention to your message.  We also provide individual services for television and direct mail — including creative design, production and delivery.  

With our team's extensive background in federal, state and local races we also have the capacity to create and manage all infrastructure development of a campaign from email clients, web design and content, branding of logo design, list building, VoteBuilder analytics, canvassing strategies and voter outreach initiatives.


Our firm takes responsibility for a successful outcome. We will help you with any part of your campaign that contributes to a winning outcome — from the most basic fundraising appeal to the most complicated web strategy.  With experience at every level of politics and in every corner of the country, our strategists know that campaigns are about one thing: Winning!


We get involved deeply in every campaign we work on because we know that’s the level of commitment that it takes for victory. And we offer the same level of service to all of our campaigns, meaning the same strategists, writers, and editors are at the table whether you are running your first local campaign or a national effort.

We will provide a 2 hour consultation on your next campaign. From SWOT analysis to how to develop your campaign needs. We will also provide resources for other campaign...
Political Consultation
1 hr



We are experts in using VoteBuilder and our new system VoterHub to access the most efficient way for you to knock on doors.


Our design team of webmasters, graphic artists, videographers and photographers are here to make any vision a reality.


Our strategic partners provide the best deals on printing and our design team does exceptional work in record time in order to reach the homes of potential voters.


Whether it is visiting churches, community groups or potential voter outreach we cater to the demographics of our clients.